The Best Order Management Software for Running Your Business

Koklass streamlined order management software simplifies selling online

Online Store

Welcome to Koklass! Whether you are opening a new online store or already have products that can be sold offline, Koklass can build your own e-commerce website here, making online sales easier, faster, and more scalable. Impress your customers with the beautiful Koklass online store.


Mobile application (Android, iOS)

Expand your audience, promote sales, or showcase new products on all channels. You can sell products from Koklass online stores, or sell products through your own app.

Unlimited Products

You can add products and manage their prices within few clicks. You never have to worry about the space for your store in the koklass online store before adding unlimited products.


Manual Order Creation

Many online store owners need to be able to place orders for customers manually, whether by phone, email, or live chat. This usually involves creating accounts for customers, fulfilling orders, and entering payment information.

Koklass provides services to customers who place orders via phone, email, or online chat. In other words, they provide the seller with your order details, payment information, and shipping method.

Abandoned Checkouts

If a buyer adds an item to the shopping cart but fails to pay, you can also send them an email with a link to the shopping cart. Use retargeting and email to deal with those who are still unloading the shopping cart. Continue shopping and finish this time.


Feedback and Faq Management

Considering Implementing Customer Feedback Management in your online store, Your team needs to be trained for the importance system. Collecting the right data, and that how to analyze and interpret data.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a pop-up ad format that you can use to attract new audiences and get more conversions. Its competition is limited and its inventory keeps increasing. New formats are introduced to mobile browsers, desktops, and applications.



The Koklass online store is not only a great way to sell products to a wider audience but also a great way to get valuable data from an interest in the product to checkout. To track the metrics of your e-commerce website (such as conversion rate, billing details, etc.), you need a multi-functional analysis report like the one provided by Koklass.